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R&D New Item 3-Design Mould processing workshop

Automatic mould manufacturing equipment keep our moulds high-precision and durable quality.

our high precision mould can keep our products in best quality and exquisite appearance . we pay lots of attention on Maintenance& manufacturing.

Factory Images - Production lines

The modern assembly lines help us to fast our production.The daily output of 1 assembly line is 2000pcs

Factory Images - Silkscreen

Auotomatic screen printing line, less people but fast silk-screen.

Factory Images - Color spray printing

Automatic spray painting line can guarantee the Flawless appearance

Factory images - Injection workshop

We have 11 injection machines and 3 engineering maintenance man 24hours take care of the machines. Guarantee the products are in best shape and good quality.

Testing center

we will test the products according to GS,CE,CB standard.

Showroom and meeting room

You can see all of our products and also we prepare a conference table.

Place we load containers

A big yard for loading the goods into containers.